Nicole Taylor-Roberts


Taylor-Roberts got her professional start apprenticing with film and commercial directors at Smuggler and Tool of North America in the early 2000’s. She participated in the Sony Picture Television Diverse Directing Program, the NALIP Diverse Women in Media Directing Workshop, made semi-Finalist in the MADE IN NY Writer’s Room for her pilot ‘Cabbie Mamis.’

She has worked on several series, and her award-winning shorts have collectively screened at prestigious film festivals that include Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Sundance and San Diego Film Festival, and Urbanworld. Her work has also been featured in FADER Magazine, GQ and showcases by HBO and HBO Latino.

Taylor-Roberts directs, writes and produces film, television, commercials and branded content. She wrote and directed a short for an all black woman anthology for BET Her, called The Battle of Lexi Smith. The story follows a the emotional transformation of a cynical stand-up comic who masks her pain with humor when she learns that her breast cancer has returned to claim her one good boob. It’s a comedy — a black one.

When she is not writing comedy about POC women-folk, she is crafting serious dramas about them. Her feature screenplay “A Girl from Haiti,” won the Grand Prize in the We Screenplay Diverse Voices Competition, supported by ARRAY! Taylor-Roberts is a sought after creative mind that has a knack for compelling storytelling.

Taylor-Roberts was selected as one of eight women for the American Film Institute Directing Workshop for Women, Class of 2020. Her short film 410 Stamped, staring Eden Duncan Smith, was supported by a grant from the Will and Jada Smith Foundation..

Taylor-Roberts is an alumna of Northwestern University Radio/Television/Film Program and of Columbia University School of the Arts MFA Film Program.